The Edgewater has documented by-laws and rules as outlined in the Condominium Act. The Rules are reviewed every three years by a committee struck by the board, comprising of owners. Many of the rules may appear strict and binding, however, they are developed to maintain and improve the parkland, buildings, and show growth in owners’ property investment. Copies of the rules are part of the package that a lawyer receives with the status certificate.

Rule Highlights:

  1. Pets The Edgewater is a great place for a small pet (under 25 lbs/(11.3kg); please review the rules for details. All pets must be on a leash. Only 1 pet per unit.

  2. Renovations  If you wish to do any renovations, i.e., removing or altering walls, changing doors or windows, any fireplace, plumbing, electrical or heating installation, or if you intend to install pot lights or undertake other work affecting the ceiling or other common elements, the board of Directors must first approve your plans and specifications in writing before you begin the work. Please carefully take into account the binding requirements set out in Article 3 (1) d) of the Corporation’s Declaration and comply with the particular requirements set out in Rule 4 entitled UNIT MODIFICATIONS & FACILITIES. Please do not make any modifications to the common elements without first obtaining the board’s prior written consent, in which case, it will be necessary that you enter into a s. 98 Owners’ Alteration Agreement registered on title to your unit at your expense according to the Corporation’s standard form s. 98 Agreement. Any attachment to the Corporation’s common elements, electrical, plumbing or heating facilities will require you to provide a certificate to the Corporation from your contractor confirming all such common element attachments or installations were completed in accordance with Rule 4 and the requirements of the electrical authority. The modification may require a municipal building permit, based upon proper drawings, specifications or other professional reports. The board’s approval process is quick and will not significantly delay your work being completed. The board is of course concerned for any structural weakness, nuisances affecting other owners and residents or damage that renovations may cause. Please check with a board member if you have any concerns before you begin any renovations in your unit. There can be absolutely no work done in the attics, without prior approval from the board.

  3. Attic There can be absolutely no work done in the attics, without prior approval from the board. It is to be used for light storage only. The attic space is not part of your unit, but a common element-exclusive use.

  4. Disposal of Garbage The Edgewater believes in recycling and encourages all residents to participate in the City of Kawartha Lakes waste management system.

  5. Air Conditioning Units If you have a water cooled air conditioner in your unit, the water that it uses will be charged back directly to you in the Fall. This is not part of the common expenses. If a unit does not have an air conditioning unit, board approval must be given to install a water cooled system only. There are no a/c units on patios.

  6. Atrium/Mews There can be nothing stored in the atriums, nor any temporary storage of items by entrance doors so the Edgewater may meet Fire & Safety regulations.

Copy of all bylaws and rules may be available to you at a small cost. Click here to email us for a copy of the by-laws.