1. May I bring my pets?
      The Edgewater is a great place for a small pet (under 25 lbs/ (11.3kg); please review the rules for details. Dogs and cats must be on a leash. Only 1 pet (dog, cat, bird) allowed per unit.


    1. May I renovate my unit?
       If you wish to do any renovations, i.e., removing or altering walls, changing doors or windows, any fireplace, plumbing, electrical or heating installation, or if you intend to install pot lights or undertake other work affecting the ceiling or other common elements, the board of Directors must first approve your plans and specifications in writing before you begin the work. Please carefully take into account the binding requirements set out in Article 3 (1) d) of the Corporation’s Declaration and comply with the particular requirements set out in Rule 4 entitled UNIT MODIFICATIONS & FACILITIES. Please do not make any modifications to the common elements without first obtaining the board’s prior written consent, in which case, it will be necessary that you enter into a s. 98 Owners’ Alteration Agreement registered on title to your unit at your expense according to the Corporation’s standard form s. 98 Agreement. Any attachment to the Corporation’s common elements, electrical, plumbing or heating facilities will require you to provide a certificate to the Corporation from your contractor confirming all such common element attachments or installations were completed in accordance with Rule 4 and the requirements of the electrical authority. The modification may require a municipal building permit, based upon proper drawings, specifications or other professional reports. The board’s approval process is quick and will not significantly delay your work being completed. The board is of course concerned for any structural weakness, nuisances affecting other owners and residents or damage that renovations may cause. Please check with a board member if you have any concerns before you begin any renovations in your unit. There can be absolutely no work done in the attics, without prior approval from the board.


    1. I understand that there is storage space in the attic. May I use it for additional living space?
      Not all units have access to attic space. Under no circumstances may the space be used as living space. This area is an exclusive use common element, and therefore is not your property. The corporation rules do allow light storage (suitcases, Christmas decorations).


    1. What is a common expense?
      Common expenses are corporate items that are covered by a portion of your monthly maintenance fee. The balance of the monthly maintenance fee is your contribution to the reserve fund. Common expenses are items such as, insurance premiums, water and sewage, electricity for Clubhouse and grounds, maintenance materials, tools and supplies, service contracts for maintenance, snow removal, electrical and landscaping


    1. May I put a Gazebo or Awning on my exclusive use patio?
      There can be no additional structure on the patios, table umbrellas are encouraged for shade protection.


    1. May I bring my guests to the pool or clubhouse?
      Yes, please do bring your guests to share the facilities, all rules must be adhered to and children (under 16) must be supervised.


    1. Is there docking for my boat?
      There are 12 boat slips and 12 kayak/canoe cradles available, for a small fee for owners. The slips and cradles are assigned on a seniority system and a wait list will be maintained for future assignments. The boat slips/kayak cradles are not part of a unit. Using the Little Bob Channel you can navigate out to the Trent Severn Waterway. (Boat size is a consideration).


    1. Is there a bicycle rack?
      There are two bicycle racks on the east parking lot for you to store your bicycle from May to October. No bicycles are to be stored on patios during that time.


    1. May I request removal of a tree by my patio to provide more light?
      The parkland and water features are a major draw to the Edgewater, the variety of trees in both type and size adds to the overall serene appearance and setting of the property. Annually an arborist is consulted re shaping, trimming and diagnosis of the overall health of the trees. Trees are trimmed or removed only due to the health of the trees or safety to our buildings. Trees boarding on patios will not be removed unless the tree meets the aforementioned criteria. The Board approves annual budget dollars to improve and replant parkland items to continue to revitalize the property.


  1. NOTE: A Condo Living Lifestyle is not for everyone, please do your research before you purchase a condo anywhere, to ensure your experience will be a happy and satisfying one.